My Scotts, Baxters, Bathgates & Grants

My Bathgates

My maternal grandfather, Richard Ged Muir Bathgate was born at 28 North Back of Canongate, Edinburgh but now named Calton Road. He worked as a Coal Mining Engineer having achieved his Certificate of Competency as  Manager of Mines from the Federated Institution of Mining Engineers located in East Scotland, likely to be East Lothian

His father, Robert Hardie Bathgate, started his working life as an Apprentice Glass Cutter in South Leith, Edinburgh, by the 1871 census he was in the brewing trade and subsequently shown in the census returns a Brewer, Brewer Practical or Brewery Manager

The next generation back, Robert Bathgate, was also in the brewing trade having moved from Haddington, East Lothian before 1840, the year of his marriage to Jane Hardie

Roberts’ father, yet another Robert, born 1770, was an “Ag. Lab” for all of his life and worked for much of the time at Barney Mains Farm a few miles north of Haddington, various records show his occupation as Agricultural Laboror, Farm Steward or Farm Grieve

I have been able to go back a further five generations from Robert born 1770 to George born 1726 to James born 1687 to James born about 1654 then  Georg Bathkit born about 1628 and finally George Bathcatt born about 1598. Interesting the different spellings for the surname, possibly down to what the transcriber thought he heard.or maybe thought he heard