My Scotts, Baxters, Bathgates & Grants

Hello and Welcome to my story as far as it has travelled

I believe that there are many stages on the route to creating a family history which we all probably go through

My initial desire was to go back as far as possible with little regard for what people were really like, what they did, where they lived, how their social life was conducted - thus the construction of the skeleton stage when they were born, married, died and, ultimately, a lot of census detail

The second stage then starts - to find out about how they lived, where they lived, what they did for a living, how were they involved in their community and all that that implies, putting flesh on to the bones, the interesting part

I then realised that there were files full of documents, photographs, Wills etc. What to do with them? Write a book or create a website

Well. Both have happened the website and the book, My Family, which records the four main family lines - Scotts and Baxters from Dundee, Bathgates from Edinburgh and Grants from Blantyre. I mention that there were siblings, showing just birth and death dates, but have, studiously, just traced the main lines

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Updated - February 2019

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