My Scotts, Baxters, Bathgates & Grants

My Baxters

My paternal grandmother, Lizzie West Baxter, married James Scott on the 22nd March 1898. Interestingly both lines of her family are Baxters, so far on her maternal side I have managed to get back by only two generations, her grandfather, James Baxter, is my brick wall but on the paternal side there is an interesting story to be told.

David William Baxter, Lizzie’s father, was in partnership with James Shaw from about 1861 and they were then joined by John William Moon about 1866, this partnership was dissolved in 1876 and the Shaw Baxter partnership was resurrected but then dissolved in 1883, D W Baxter & Co. was set-up on the same date that the Shaw Baxter venture ended, then in 1892 DBW & Co. was declared bankrupt but in 1894 DWB was in business operating from the Verdent Works in Dundee.

A number of David William Baxter’s children went on to have interesting lives, George Russell Baxter went to South Africa and at one time was Mayor of Bethlehem, Orange Free State, SA; William Duncan Baxter also emigrated to South Africa to join an uncle’s firm in Cape Town he went into politics and served as an MP for 13 years and also as Mayor of Cape Town; David William Baxter was a professional singer, ultimately performing in the United States of America as a “Scotch Basso” or better described by his brother as a Bass.

DWBs’ father, George Ross Baxter, was a confectioner and at one time Treasurer of the Guild Incorporation, Dundee.

GRBs’ father, George George Baxter, was a linen manufacturer in Dundee

GGBs’ father, George Baxter, is shown in the Lokkit Book of the Burgh of Dundee as a Manufacturer

His father, John Baxter, was born in Tealing, a village north of Dundee, he married twice, firstly in Perth to Elizabeth Boutchard in 1734 and then in  Tealing to Mary Grieve in about 1749